The schools are selected on the basis of lack of Lab and Computer facilities from Rural areas of Z.P.H and Municipal High Schools with in the radius of 15 K.M from our knowledge Centre.

The schedule of the Knowledge Centre which is already prepared by us will be sent to the concerned school in a week advance and they will be reminded one day in advance. The schedule is papered in accordance with class and schools. A particular class from each school will be called and there upon another class will be brought to the Knowledge Centre like wise.

On that particular day Knowledge Centre vehicle will be sent to the school an half an hour earlier than the usual school time to pick up the students. After bringing them to the Knowledge Centre by 10:00 Am. They will be made to sit in the Lecture hall. Experiments that are going to be done will be explained through the LCD Projector and then they will be taken to the labs.

The Students are usually divided into 3 or 4 groups depending on the strength. The teachers of the concerned labs do the experiments and explain the students within a stipulated time. Then the students will be taken one after another lab for experiments. After completing the experiments they will be taken to the library, some of the Moral Stories and Important news from the newspapers will be explained by our teachers. During this time snacks will be provided for all. Then they will be taken back to the school by our Knowledge Centre Bus.

During afternoon session another allotted school will be brought to the Knowledge Centre and the same is followed.

Students of the schools utilizing the knowledge centre will visit twice in a month